The Infinity code is written in C/C++ with several scripts in bash. The code is split into several git repositories hosted on GitHub. Infinity currently supports only PBSpro as a underlining batch system and can run on computers with Linux operation systems.

Advanced Module System

amscore functionality of AMS
ams-buildinfrastructure for building of ams
ams-srvservices for AMS (ams-softstat and ams-isoftrepo)
ams-srv-buildinfrastructure for building of ams-srv

Advanced Batch System (a Core Module)

absabs module
abs-buildinfrastructure for building of abs module

Other Core Modules

abs-rsyncmodified version of rsync for use with abs
metanfs4idmap daemon and nsswitch for nfs4:krb5*
tigervncVNC for abs (GUI interactive jobs)
jwmwindow manager for abs (GUI interactive jobs)
screensession manager for abs (CLI interactive jobs)
opengl-mesafallback OpenGL environment